Friday, May 25, 2018

More from Córdoba!

This was taken from a narrow alleyway that half the visitors were all trying to walk up and down at the same time! Leading to much confusion and photographs of unwanted persons! The confusion also I guess... that once up the allow into the pretty little plaza... no way out!! LOL

 Photographs above the massive monument lead towards the river and the beautiful Roman bridge originally built in the early 1st century... It crosses over the Guadalquivir river.

The Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs  above.. he stands guarding the entrance way...

Thursday, May 24, 2018


Well, this could be a long post, apologies for being so lax in my writings...

I shall begin with my trip to Cordoba!

A coach party organised by a local charity shop in Coín and a friend invited me, and very grateful I am too! Having been several times to Granada and Seville I had never been to Cordoba!

This trip is every year at this time to visit the Patios Cordobas! The patios of Cordoba!

And extremely beautiful they were! My friend and I raced to the area in the city to see them and were quite lucky to be early in most of the lines to get in!

There was no charge, but you could donate, on your way out of each private house...

The wide angle below is inside one of the most spectacular buildings I have ever been in, which includes the Vatican, and the Coliseum!

The cathedral/mosque is truly amazing, it is one of the world's heritage sites and I would definitely go again.

We had an amazing day, and I'll post more photos tomorrow, I promise!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2018


Ultreya: Moving forward with courage.

I guess over the past couple of years, and esoecespec this last year, I have forgotten what my own Blog name means.

I may take several steps forward with courage, but many back in fear.

If I told you I apologize, but I am teafire a book I last read back in 2001, Shirley MacLaines The Camino, A pilgrimage of courage.

As I sit here now on the terrace, had to go to the social security office this morning, as always futile, have an appointment now for later today, great I get my healthcare here, only here, not in the UK by the way. Which is fine, but I applied for this in October last year... took papers into social security office, have waited over two months, still don't have the documentation... Been without any cover now since January, I think I will have to apply in August this year! It's idiotic that in the 21st century a simple email cannot be sent and printed out.

And I don't even know yet if he'll say it's going to be another two months!

I've had enough.

Saturday, May 05, 2018

And so the journey continues.

Listening to music in my ears... Left my placement, spent a drunken night with a good friend, spent a day feeling icky! Got on a coach said "Bedford" ended up in Oxford!

On the approach to the bus station amongst those dreaming spires! And passing restaurants, passed the Franco Manca restaurant! That wasn't fun at all! I knew there were a couple in London, but didn't know or expect to see one suddenly there!

Then after a short but plain speaking argument with the driver, where he admitted he didn't hear me when I asked for my destination, bit odd that he charged me what he did think I asked for!! I had to disembark and reboard, but not pay again, which was good news, it not actually being my fault!

And okay I didn't check my ticket, I wouldn't normally, I didn't even wonder at the route really, I didn't know it! So, anyway, Tony collected me from Milton Keynes eventually, an hour and half later than I should have been in Bedford!

I've now had a good day with Tony, lovely weather yesterday, and we went to the movies, saw the new Marvel movie Avengers... In 4DX! Which meant moving seats, air blowing in faces and from behind, water spraying about! But the biggest thing was definitely the seats! Moving up and down left and right, taking punches in the back and rocking every which way! Sounds rough? It was a rough ride indeed, but l loved it! Lol now I'm on the train, going the right way for the right city, it's pouring with rain and the smell of diesel is overwhelming!

At Tonys I started watching a series called Happy, which is really good, just hoping now it's available in Spain too! Oh how could I forget I also spent time on Tony's Oculus Rift! Amazing as always! So I am buying the Oculus Go! Well why not, what does it matter eh...

Time has gone and I forgot I had made these notes, so only just now putting my Blog together! It's Saturday night, and had three wonderful days with Baz and family. Walked, been to the parks, to the city centre, and a couple of walk pasts of their soon to be new home.

Today especially the weather has been really warm, still 19°c out there and gone ten at night!

Friday, April 27, 2018

Hey friends, sorry, again! I've been here on placement for two weeks nearly, it's a good one, me being positive, talking lots, and good conversations... I actually don't want to leave!

We've been in the midst of April weather, the real deal, showers and sunshine... Like our lives... The stunning magnolia above...

And it's fallen few below....

Walking onto a nearby bridge this week to capture a phone signal!! Really please, 21st century and still black spots?!?

And this beauty was there in the grass verge! Gorgeous isn't it! I saw its leaves and thought tulip, but this flower head is extraordinary, once back in the house I checked it's name 'Sun lover' tulip, it's beautiful.

Not much else to say really; I ordered something on Amazon and inadvertently hit the 'Amazon Prime please' instead of the 'no thank you' with these apparently massive clumsy fingers of mine! I don't bother zooming out enough so I guess my finger was like a giant in the land of ants placing the order!

But, I've taken advantage of the free books offer thingy and chose a book I really shouldn't have 'Things we never said.' Don't get me wrong it's a wonderful book, I'm just not in the right place to read it, and maybe never would be. Maybe there never is a good time for some things...

So yes I'm reading it, crying with it...

It's been a difficult few weeks, I'm either feeling okay, or down in the depths of complete and utter sorrow.

I can't for confidentiality reasons say very much about work situations, but I have to say I was somewhere talking to a psychologist who had given a talk on one subject about our mental health after something! (Sorry!) But although it was not about grief it felt like it, and his answers gave me answers, or maybe more a way of thinking or realising that carrying the grief changes, maybe doesn't so much lesson, it's about learning to carry it differently.

But then we are all different, all see life differently, thankfully, and what works for one won't necessarily work for another.

Still, I'm glad I got to hear the talk.

I'm off from here on Sunday and headed across country and then north!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Sorry, I am here, not been very talkative.

Had the worse anniversary of my life, sorry mom... But Franco was with me for yours...

The day passed here at work strangely, very unreal, in fact don't call out the men in white coats, but when I'm this close to where we lived I feel Franco is actually there, and even just half hour ago I wondered if I ran off in the car to Britain Ferry if he might be there.. you know, in some bizarre other dimension.

I don't even like going in British supermarkets... Even ones he didn't go in, because they just remind me too much.

I leave here Sunday and onto the next one.
Two weeks then nearly a week in the uk, chilling! Before heading back to spain, Pippa is in her hokdida home anyway because of the May celebrations, and mammoth rocket explosions.

And well that's it folks!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

One of the hardest lessons in life is letting go. Whether it’s guilt, anger, love, loss or betrayal. Change is never easy. We fight to hold and we fight to let go. — Unknown

Not many Blogs lately, too many words in my head, little I can express...

I am working soon, time with one customer in the cardifC area, which is good, and then back to where I was last.

My bag is packed, fur-baby has her normal pet care in place...

She knows I'm going, and before I go it I'll be back!

I haven't  slept well the last few nights, so not holding out much help for later, getting a lift to the airport, not having to worry about carparking which is good.

As you can tell, as you know... This is a difficult time now.